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Chelsea Piers Soccer Club

    About the Club

    The Chelsea Piers Soccer Club provides a year-round training program that focuses on developing each player to his or her potential. Under the guidance of David Flower, CPSC provides an experience that teaches our players to master the skills necessary to compete under the highest pressures. Our goal is to train our players to have transferrable skills that allow them to play at any level on any team, while also maintaining a supportive environment in which they thrive as athletes and as people.

    Our Coaches

    Our coaches are firmly committed to building teams filled with attack-minded and highly skilled players who learn to play a bold and exciting style. Exposing all players, regardless of age, to this kind of play prepares them to become not only great athletes, but also highly competent soccer players. Our commitment to our players and their long-term growth and success has long been experienced by past and current players who have competed successfully for their high schools, Olympic Development Programs and other identification programs.